Interweave Yarn Fest: One Spinner’s Shopping List

When I head to Colorado each spring to teach at Interweave Yarn Fest, I stuff my suitcases to the max with painted tops, roving, and batts. The spinners in my classes make quick work of what seemed like an endless pile of fiber. Like any reasonable spinner, I don’t leave the suitcases empty for long! Here’s my shopping list (so far):

What’s on your shopping list? Photo Credit: Jenn Rein

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“Hey, Teach!” Meet Some Interweave Yarn Fest Instructors

Interweave Yarn Fest is coming up soon: March 27-31! I’ve got my hotel room booked and am making room in my stash for new goodies from the vendor hall. Most of all, I’m excited at the prospect of getting to hang out with the amazing lineup of teachers and see them at work during their workshops.

Sara Bixler’s Rainbow Connection Shawl from the 2017 Easy Weaving with Little Looms showcases Sara’s eye for color.

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So Much to Learn at Interweave Yarn Fest!

I started attending Interweave Yarn Fest before I even worked at Interweave! It is always been an incredible opportunity to gather with your favorite fiber folks, shop, show off your work, and take some incredible classes. You will love the crochet classes available at Interweave Yarn Fest this year. Here are 2 of our teachers to tell you what they are most excited to share with you!

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Double Knitting: Alasdair Post-Quinn Wants to Blow Your Mind

I’ve been meaning to learn about double knitting since I found out that it doesn’t only make a tube! Alasdair Post-Quinn has figured out how to use it for cables, lace, texture, and complex patterns. Alasdair has been pushing the boundaries of double knitting since he first learned the technique, and his classes at Interweave Yarn Fest 2019 go beyond the basics.

Two great knits that go great together: double knitting and cables! [Image courtesy of Alasdair Post-Quinn, Fallingblox Designs]
We asked Alasdair to tell us a little more about his classes and approach.

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