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Anne Merrow


Greetings fiber artists! Before you fully immerse yourself in all of the weekend’s festivities, we have a special treat to share with you. The amazing Anne Merrow is here to share her thoughts about Interweave Yarn Fest, and who exactly can benefit from the event. Here’s a hint; it’s perfect for everyone! Please enjoy this exclusive post by Anne, and stick around for an exhibitor spotlight at the end.

Who Is Yarn Fest For?

When reminiscing about last year’s Yarn Fest and looking forward to the next one, I asked a colleague what she’d liked best about the event. “The people,” she replied. “Meeting people from all around the country and finding out what they were working on. Sitting next to a table of strangers at dinner and learning about them.”

The people are my favorite thing, too, but with a different twist: I like seeing old friends. We’re not a cliquish group, though; we met at previous Interweave yarn events and now look forward to seeing each other every year. Authors I’ve written to but never met, readers of Spin Off, fellow forum members, teachers who steal a few minutes between classes to chat—all of them are friendships started and cemented over a mutual love of yarn and fiber.

So who should come to Yarn Fest?

Whether you’re new to fiber events, new to fiber crafts, or just new to Yarn Fest, come and learn. (We’re working on some special offerings for people who have never put their hands on a spindle, needles, look, or hook before…)

Old hands
Catch up with old fiber friends, try out a new-to-you craft, or take one of the new courses our instructors have dreamed up.

There are classes for all levels of crochet, knitting, spinning, and weaving—plus some in dyeing, tatting, and macramé. You are sure to find a class that will get your fingers working and your neurons firing.

Vendors from across the country or just across town make the Yarn Fest Marketplace an exciting place to shop. We work hard choosing vendors to create a shopping experience with something for everyone.

Lookie Loos
The halls at Yarn Fest have friendly seating options, and fellow fiber artists walk around in prized handmade garments. Many of them can’t wait to show you what they learned in class or spread out their purchases for appreciation.

As long as you bring your curiosity and love for yarn and fiber, Yarn Fest is for you.

 anneheadshot Anne L. Merrow
Content Strategist, Spinning & Weaving
Editor, Spin Off

Exhibitor Spotlight

 fullsizerender-1 fullsizerender-2 fullsizerender-3
Shawl: Longmont Yarns
A soft blue shawl with lacy detailing is the perfect accompaniment to an elegant dress, or to add a touch of individuality to your favorite jeans and tee-shirt look.
Pink Blankets: Brown Sheep Co
A cozy blanket is an essential part of a chilly holiday weekend. Just add a warm fire, a great book and a piping-hot mug filled with hot cocoa.
Beaded Silk: Adirondack Yarns
It simply does not get more indulgent or luxurious than a bundle of beaded silk yarn. Adirondack Yarns offers this one-of-a-kind specialty fiber in a rainbow of hues. Which one would you choose?

Have a beautiful holiday weekend, everyone! Let’s all give a huge round of applause to Anne Merrow for taking the time to do this editor takeover!

Still need a last minute gift for the fiber artist in your life? Give the gift of an Interweave Yarn Fest Workshop. It’s unique, thoughtful and it does not require a trip to the mall!

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