An Editor’s Take on Interweave Yarn Fest

An Inspiring Message by Lisa Shroyer

Hey, fiber friends! We’re inching closer and closer to Interweave Yarn Fest’s arrival by the second, and to get you even more pumped up, we have a very special treat for you today. Not long ago, Lisa Shroyer, Content Strategist at Interweave, crafted a beautiful letter that encompasses all of the inspirational merriment Interweave Yarn Fest has to offer. A few of you Crochet Me subscribers may have caught this already, but we want to give you all a chance to be moved by her words, just as we were.


Hey, fellow crochet lovers!

What can you expect from the crochet teachers and attendees at a weekend craft event like Interweave Yarn Fest? Well, for starters, you can expect technical expertise and an unparalleled curriculum. Beyond that, you’ll meet really fun, engaging, warm people who can’t wait to geek out with you over stitches, shapes, and projects. People who treat you like family, and who, in some cases, actually are family. Here are 5 of the crocheters you’ll meet at Interweave Yarn Fest 2017; they are just a few of the new friends you can expect to make when you join us. I can’t wait!

 Master crochet technical editor and technique guru Daniela Nii. This woman is a SCIENTIST when it comes to stitches, construction, surface techniques, and where to put your hook—she’s so good that we use her as our lead tech editor for our crochet magazines. Daniela will be teaching 4 crochet workshops at Interweave Yarn Fest. If you’re looking to try a new technique, or take your crochet to the next level, take a workshop with this expert.
   Susanna Tobias. Speaking of tech editors, Susanna is Interweave’s in-house tech coordinator and pattern editor for crochet. She is a complete nerd for crochet and the way we write patterns. She’ll be hanging out at the evening socials and teaching beginner crochet workshops; grab her and pick her brain about charts, yarn, and help with crochet patterns! Especially if you’ve had trouble reading patterns, or writing them yourself. Just make sure you give yourself enough time; she’s pretty enthusiastic about this stuff!
   Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby. Shannon is one of the most talented designers working in crochet today. His grasp of garment construction is beaten only by his artful aesthetic—his pieces are creative, refined, and flattering on women. Shannon will be teaching 6 crochet workshops with Jason, the other half of the design duo the Shibaguyz. Take a workshop with the Shibaguyz to learn from couture crochet masters—and to have a really good time. There’s no lack of energy or fun with these guys.
   Salena Baca. I have not met Salena in person—yet—but I have a feeling I’ll know her from a distance right away. Salena is a Crochet Evangelist, and her zeal and passion for the craft shows in every communication I’ve had with her. She has a fun, youthful style and she works to make technique and projects accessible to all crocheters. She EXUDES joy and excitement for the crochet community, and I’m so excited to finally meet her in March. She’ll be teaching 5 beginner and intermediate crochet workshops at Interweave Yarn Fest, as well as, most likely, talking to everyone she possibly can between hallways, marketplace, evening socials, and the elevator. This should be fun.
   Deborah Bagley. Rumor has it, designer and color-pooling engineer Deborah Bagley will be attending the event. Deborah has written a series on crochet color pooling for our blog—she’s a leading expert on the uber-popular technique and has experimented with pretty much every kind of variegated yarn out there. But watch out—Deborah’s twin sister will also be at the show…our very own Dana Bincer, associate editor of Love of Crochet. These (fraternal twin) sisters live and breathe crochet, and they would be thrilled to talk with you about color pooling, extreme mountain biking, and how to make crochet into a career.

We’re all family at Interweave Yarn Fest, even if we haven’t met yet. I look forward to getting to know you over the course of the long weekend, and to seeing your crochet life explode with awesomeness as you learn from these teachers and enjoy the communal culture that they cultivate everywhere they go.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your hooks.

 Lisa Shroyer
Content Strategist


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