Meet Beth Brown-Reinsel!

New Instructor Spotlight

Some of your favorite fiber art instructors are making their return to Interweave Yarn Fest in 2018, but along with the fan-favorites we also have a lineup of new teachers joining us.

Experienced fiber artist Beth Brown-Reinsel is one of our debut instructors for 2018. Let’s learn about the inspiration and expertise she’ll introduce us to April 12–15.

About Beth:

Beth Brown-Reinsel has been a knitwear designer, author, and teacher for nearly 30 years. She specializes in Scandinavian and British traditional knitting techniques. In addition to several video courses on traditional knitting, Beth is the author of the classic book Knitting Ganseys and is at work on a new edition. We are looking forward to experiencing her workshops for the first time at Interweave Yarn Fest!

Workshop Preview:

Here’s your first look at the technique-rich workshops Beth will be teaching at Interweave Yarn Fest! If you’re hoping to take your knitting to the next level, you’ll want to save a seat in her classroom.

Traditional Cast-Ons

Learn eight of the most beautiful and practical cast-ons in knitting history. We’ll cover the UK’s Channel Island Cast-on, Knotted Cast-on, and Multi-Strand Cast-on. Build on two basic go-to cast-ons, the Long-Tail Cast-on and Old Norwegian Cast-on, which are the basis for two decorative cast-ons from the Twined Knitting tradition in Sweden. Finally, learn the wonderful Braided Cast-on from Finland in three colors! As a bonus, we will cover several bind-offs to practice on as you complete your swatches.

Gansey Techniques

Students will learn how to construct a Gansey, an iconic sweater style prevalent in the 19th century and early part of the 20th century among the fishermen of the British Isles. You will knit a small-scale sweater using traditional construction techniques including the classic Channel Island Cast-on, split welts, seam stitches, traditional knit/purl patterns, the underarm gusset, the perpendicular shoulder join, picked-up sleeves, and three choices for the collar. We will also explore alternative methods to these techniques.

Swedish Twined Fingerless Mitts

Learn the fascinating Swedish technique of Tvåändsstickning, or twined knitting, by creating one of a pair of fingerless mitts. Working in the round, the techniques covered include twine knitting, twine purling, the crook stitch, the “O” stitch, reading a chart, the Chain Path, the twined knitted increase, an asymmetrical thumb gusset, and traditional motifs. Optionally, you may add the Herringbone Braid.

We’ll provide more information about Beth and her fellow instructors this November when we launch our brand-new website! Until then, visit us here on the blog each week for news and announcements, and follow us on our social pages to stay in the know.

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