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Exhibitor Product Roundup

It has been a few months since we shopped the seemingly-endless specialty fibers, tools and goodies at Interweave Yarn Fest’s Marketplace and to be honest with all of you, we’re having major withdraws! Since we can’t travel back in time (or forward to 2018!) we’re dedicating this post to our top trending treasures and classes from the Interweave Yarn Fest exhibitors you love! Online shopping spree, anyone? Continue reading “Exhibitor Product Roundup” >

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Fiber Spotlight Pavilion & Book Signings

Well friends, it’s finally March! We’re looking forward to all this month has to offer for a variety of reasons. For starters, it marks the beginning of spring (hurry up, March 20!). Secondly, the entire month is dedicated to creativity and making your own art (hey, National Craft Month!). And last but not least, the moment we’ve been waiting for is almost here. Interweave Yarn Fest is just weeks away! Continue reading “Fiber Spotlight Pavilion & Book Signings” >

An Editor’s Take on Interweave Yarn Fest

An Inspiring Message by Lisa Shroyer

Hey, fiber friends! We’re inching closer and closer to Interweave Yarn Fest’s arrival by the second, and to get you even more pumped up, we have a very special treat for you today. Not long ago, Lisa Shroyer, Content Strategist at Interweave, crafted a beautiful letter that encompasses all of the inspirational merriment Interweave Yarn Fest has to offer. A few of you Crochet Me subscribers may have caught this already, but we want to give you all a chance to be moved by her words, just as we were. Continue reading “An Inspiring Message by Lisa Shroyer” >

Preview Interweave Yarn Fest’s Workshops

An Exclusive Look


Welcome back, fiber artists! On behalf of the entire Interweave Yarn Fest Team, we would like to wish each of you a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. Today, we are thankful to have the opportunity to connect with passionate fiber artists, like yourself, and it is our greatest wish to supply you with endless creative inspiration. Continue reading “An Exclusive Look” >