Get a Little Irish (Crochet) at Interweave Yarn Fest

Why do so many crocheters fall in love with Irish Crochet? It’s a garden in lace that can transform into shawls, beautiful accessories, home décor, and so much more.

Irish crochet lace is characterized by its finely-worked motifs, often in the forms of flowers, leaves, vines, and butterflies. Many shapes are worked freeform then joined together with a mesh background.

If you’ve loved the look of Irish Crochet but felt intimidated by it, don’t be! In this introductory class, you’ll learn to make the basic Irish Crochet rose and leaf motifs. You’ll also learn to make a background for joining your Irish Crochet motifs together into a project. To finish it off, you’ll work a simple Irish Crochet edging around your assembled project.

In only a few hours you’ll have learned it all and will be working towards your first finished piece. Come and learn this beautiful crochet technique and check out more from expert Susan Lowman at this year’s event.

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