Looking forward to Interweave Yarn Fest 2019? So are we!

As we dip our toes into the New Year and perceive the not-so-far-off glint of spring, it’s hard to suppress our excitement for Interweave Yarn Fest 2019! A coming together of yarn lovers and makers, this annual event provides an opportunity for some to embark upon a pilgrimage. And that pilgrimage is a success each year that an attendee comes away with more knowledge about their craft – and let’s face it – more yarn than they know what to do with.

Many Interweave team members have attended this feast for fiber-loving eyes and hands. Each of us has our own takeaway as to why Yarn Fest is both irresistible and worthwhile. Read on to learn about why our staff members look forward to this event each year, and why you should attend as well!

Crochet and knit designer Lily Chin imparts her wisdom to a student during Interweave Yarn Fest 2017.

A Yarntastic Experience

Yarn Fest is, in a word, awesome! Classes, yarn, other yarn enthusiasts, yarn, fiber accessories, yarn! What more could you want?!? It gives you a chance to meet fiber artists and crafters from all over, check out brand new products to aid and abet your hobby, and of course, feel yarns that make you sigh with pleasure. In fact, at Yarn Fest 2017, I bought a gradient shawl kit that I am currently working into a shawl that I hope to show off at this year’s Yarn Fest. Cross your fingers that I can get it done in time!

Susanna Tobias
Project Editor, Crochet

Horsetooth Reservoir is one of the many draws in Fort Collins.

Location, Location, Location

Fort Collins, just north of Loveland, is a town full of unique activities and Yarn Fest gives me an excuse to explore it! (If you can pull yourself away from all of the classes and yarn buying.) You can shop for cheese, dine on charcuterie, and sip wine at the Welsh Rabbit; walk around Old Town and check out all of the stores like Curiosities and Magnolia Moon; or get outside and enjoy nature at Horsetooth Reservoir.

But my favorite thing is to tour all of the breweries and taste what’s new. I’d personally suggest Zwei, Maxline, Jessup Farm Barrel House, and Rally King; but there are so many others you can try as well. I hope you find Fort Collins as fun and adorable as I do.

Sarah Rothberg
Assistant Editor

So many things can be learned at Yarn Fest! From spinning to knitting to crochet – it’s all under one roof in April 2018.

Yarn Fest: A Yarn Geek’s Comic Con

Yarn Fest is my favorite time of year. Not only does it coincide with the emergence of spring, it also gives hordes of yarn geeks the opportunity to don their best handmade creations and commiserate among the best products and instruction the craft industry has to offer. Yarn Fest is a carnival for the senses. I challenge anyone to walk through the marketplace and not touch, feel and revel in every ounce of fiber in the place. As you take in all the different booths it’s impossible to ignore the vibrant colors coming at you from all sides. What could be more fun than checking out the latest and greatest in looms, spinning wheels, crochet hooks , and knitting needles? Let’s not forget about the workshops! Everything from spinning to knitting is covered in the comprehensive workshops. I would recommend you run, don’t walk! Do what you need to do to get yourself to Yarn Fest.

Dana Derr
Customer Service Supervisor

Allison Korleski taught a bit of beginner knitting at Yarn Fest 2017.

Finding Inspiration in Camaraderie

I love Yarn Fest because it lets me have some real-time interactions with designers and teachers. Email and Google Hangouts are fine, but nothing beats face-to-face communications. And people change their hair color all the time and it’s nice to see that up close.

On the other side of the spectrum, it’s wonderful to be in a big conference hotel with hundreds of other knitters. The doors open and all these people stream in and everyone is wearing something they made–sometimes many things they’ve created. Being at Yarn Fest reifies why I love working for Interweave: the communal passion for knitting, excitement in making, and a shared desire to grow in our craft.

Allison Korleski
Video Producer

You meet all kinds of friends at Yarn Fest!

Sharing a Passion for Making

I’ve been to Yarn Fest a few times, and it’s always seeing the makers with their creations that gets me. Everyone puts time and effort into their projects, and when Yarn Fest gives them the opportunity to show off, it is never disappointing! One way to witness this is to simply walk around and pay attention to what others are wearing. Another option is to slowly stroll the marketplace – one of these amazing, thoughtful creations might inspire your own work.

But the event I look forward to most of all is the fashion show. Held on the second night of Yarn Fest, it is your chance to share the spotlight with the F.O. that makes you most proud. It’s lovely what people choose to model, and the level of difficulty isn’t what matters. It’s that you’re in a room sharing your passion with others that understand. There is no better feeling than having your own sense of accomplishment boosted by those around you.

Sara Dudek
Associate Editor, Interweave Crochet

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