Our favorite resources for beginner knitters.

Let’s Start Knitting!

Trying out a new art form can feel overwhelming, and we feel this is especially true when you’re tackling a new fiber art. But if you explore the wealth of resources available online and do some research, you’ll find that getting your start can be simple—even fun!

Today, we are talking about how to begin your journey as a knitter, and we’ve searched high and low for the best-of-the-best articles and blog posts that will arm you with the knowledge and supply list you need to get started. This post is for you if you’re brand new, or if you’re helping a friend or family member dive into the world of knitting.

Get your needles and yarn fired up—it’s time to start knitting!


The tools you actually need to get started.

The truth is, you can start out with nothing more than a yarn ball and a set of knitting needles, but as you move on from practice stitches and basic projects, you’ll want to have a few other tools on hand. We dug up an article from Craftsy that talks about all of the essentials you need in your knit kit. We suggest making a checklist of the supplies you need to avoid feeling intimidated when you visit your local fiber shop or craft store for the first time.

What’s in Your Knitting Kit?

So, you’ve written out your tool list, but you’re still feeling confused about the best needles and yarn to start out with. We’ve got you covered! Find easy-to-follow tips and tricks for selecting your first yarn balls and needles over at Simple-Knitting!

Beginning Knitting | How To Start Knitting


Understanding yarn weight variations.

Let’s say that you want to knit a simple pair of mittens for one of your first projects. Would you use a sport, fingering or DK weight yarn? Vogue Knitting has a great visual chart that explains each weight of yarn from lightest to heaviest, and you’ll also find advice on what needle to pair with your yarn selection.

Knitting 101 | Beginner Basics 


So many stitches and knots, so little time! 

As you begin reading patterns, you’ll learn that knitting requires more than one basic stitch. Luckily, Interweave is here to help you understand the purl stitch, knit stitch, slipknot and everything in between!

How to Knit – a review of the basics of knitting

How to Knit Like a Pro: Beginner Knitting Instructions

Starting your yarn stash. 

Your first yarn shopping adventure will probably leave you wanting a rainbow of yarn. With so many colors, materials and textures, how do you choose just one? While most every knitting pattern you pick up will offer a suggestion of what yarn to use, it’s still a good idea to read up on the differences between all of the fiber variations and start to understand the purpose of each type. Love Knitting has a fantastic yarn buying guide that will assist you during your first trip to the fiber shop.

Yarn Buying Guide 


Explore a yarn store near you! 

No matter where in the world you call home, chances are there’s a yarn store not far from you! Knit Map tracks down your nearest yarn and fiber supply shops, whether you live in Colorado, Canada, France or somewhere in between.

Knit Map 

Let’s go shopping!

We all have those days when we want to go shopping, but simply do not have time to fight traffic, or we just want to spend the day in our knitted slippers! When a craving to go yarn shopping strikes, but you simply can’t get out of the house, visit Interweave’s online store to find hundreds of top-quality yarns!

Interweave Online Yarn Store 


You’ve got the tools. Now let’s start knitting!

When you unwrap your first knitting pattern, you’ll probably be greeted by a lot of abbreviations and terms that read like a foreign language. So where in the world do you begin? We’re heading over to Craft Yarn Council to find out how to decode a knitting pattern. As a helpful hint, we suggest experimenting with basic stitches before tackling your first pattern. Practice makes perfect!

How to Read a Knitting Pattern

Find your meetup group! 

What’s more fun than learning how to knit? Try knitting with a group of passionate artists of all skill levels and backgrounds! There are currently 877 listings for knitting meetup groups on Meetup.com, so chances are you can find one in your city. For our beginners, we recommend contacting your local meetup group and asking if you can sit in on a few meetings just to observe and soak up a few tips and tricks!

Meetup | Knitting 


Join the conversation on Ravelry!

We all love our social networks (Hello Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook!), but did you know there is a social media platform just for fiber art? No, you’re not dreaming. It’s called Ravelry, and it’s your one-stop-shop for inspiration, guidance, upcoming events and fiber industry news. Plus, you can meet some great fiber friends and ask all of your questions in the categorized forums!

Ravelry | Sign Up 


If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! You have discovered some fab fiber resources to help you (or a friend!) begin their knitting journey. As we’ve talked about in other posts, knitting has many benefits. It’s a fun way to relax, it promotes sustainability and you can create handmade treasures for a fraction of the cost of what you would pay for knits at your favorite stores.

In addition to the resources above, Interweave Yarn Fest is a great learning experience for knitters (and other fiber artists) of all skill levels. Can you imagine being surrounded by the industry’s best instructors and hundreds of your fellow passionate fiber friends for a whole weekend? And then there’s the shopping and activity list… there’s never a dull moment at the event!

Interweave Yarn Fest returns to Loveland, CO April 12 – 15, 2018, so stay tuned for all of the information you need to plan your excursion!

Thank you for stopping by today, and we hope you discovered the information you need to get your knit on!

Happy knitting, friends!

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