“Hey, Teach!” Meet Some Interweave Yarn Fest Instructors

Interweave Yarn Fest is coming up soon: March 27-31! I’ve got my hotel room booked and am making room in my stash for new goodies from the vendor hall. Most of all, I’m excited at the prospect of getting to hang out with the amazing lineup of teachers and see them at work during their workshops.

Sara Bixler’s Rainbow Connection Shawl from the 2017 Easy Weaving with Little Looms showcases Sara’s eye for color.

Sara Bixler

Another friend and teacher I’m looking forward to seeing again is Sara Bixler. Last year, while caring for a sick and grumpy toddler, I was unable to spend quality time with Sara, and that was so disappointing. Sara is so warm and easy to talk to. More than anyone I’ve ever met, she has the best eye for color in weaving, and yet she’s so down to earth—like it’s no big deal that she can weave the most-wonderful shimmery rainbows. Fortunately, for all of us, she’s taking her talent for weaving and using it to teach. I also got a chance to ask Sara about Interweave Yarn Fest, and this is what she said:

“Yarn Fest is becoming one of my favorite times of the year. For myself, both as a teacher and artist, I walk away each year feeling inspired and empowered to jump into the next project, … or shall I just pluralize that to be completely honest with myself? From purely a teaching perspective, I am amazed how many attendees travel great distance to attend; it truly shows the scope of the Interweave family and how far their reader base is willing to travel. Although my home base is situated in Central Pennsylvania at Red Stone Glen Fiber Arts Center, I’m always thrilled to be able to meet students who have enjoyed my videos and articles. Having the chance to spend time with them in the classroom is so rewarding. To go beyond the screen and have one-on-one time is invaluable.”

John Mullarkey’s Controlled Chaos Vest from the September/October 2011 issue of Handwoven showcases his abilities as both tablet and traditional-loom weaver.

John Mullarkey

If I wasn’t already required to be at Interweave Yarn Fest by virtue of working for Handwoven, I’d go just to hang out with John Mullarkey. If you haven’t had the good fortune of knowing John, he is a wonderful and hilarious human being. He also happens to be a truly exceptional tablet weaver and teacher of tablet weaving. He’s the perfect combination of talented, passionate, and patient. Want to know more? I asked John to say a few words about his subject matter of choice, and this is what he had to say:

“Weaving with a twist! That’s what tablet weaving is. It creates a cloth unique to weaving in that twist or ply is woven into the cloth. Over, under, and around! This is also why tablet-woven cloth is so incredibly strong. It creates a 4-ply cloth, which is why my handwoven shoelaces live on past the shoes they are woven for. It is also perfect for straps, belts, and anything else that will get a lot of wear and tear. So try weaving with a twist.”

But Sara and John are just two of the amazing teachers lined up for Interweave Yarn Fest 2019. There are many others in all different fields of the fiber world. I can’t wait to go and see what they all have to offer. I hope to see you there!

Happy Weaving!

Interweave Yarn Fest
Loveland, Colorado
March 27–31, 2019

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