5 Things to Look Forward to at This Year’s Event

There’s a lot to look forward to under Interweave Yarn Fest’s roof, and for our 2018 event we’re adding even more exciting learning opportunities and fun activities to the mix. Whether you’re a returning attendee or are gearing up for your first Yarn Fest, read up on our TOP 5 reasons why you NEED to join us April 12-15, 2018!

1. The Friday Event is Key! Join us for Keynote Speaker Elizabeth Johnston

As you dine with a room full of fiber lovers just like you, this year’s speaker, Elizabeth Johnston, will share stories of life as a native of Shetland and a lifelong artisan. Travel with her as you enjoy a special insider’s look at some of the world’s most celebrated and beautiful yarn communities.

Elizabeth introduces spinners to the sheep near her home in Shetland. Photo by Kate Larson.

Elizabeth learned the traditional ways of knitting, spinning, and dyeing during her childhood. In addition to teaching Fair Isle and Shetland lace knitting techniques around the world, she is an author of a recent book on the ancient warp-weighted loom.

We love how she reflects all the love and passion that Interweave Yarn Fest is all about!

Elizabeth discusses knitting motifs during a workshop. Photo by Kate Larson.

But that’s not all. Did you hear the latest news?

Elizabeth was given the honor of being named the Patron of Shetland Wool Week. This special designation is like being named Grand Marshall of your favorite parade so you can imagine her excitement. Now in its ninth year, the internationally acclaimed Shetland Wool Week draws fiber enthusiasts from around the world to learn about one of the world’s most remarkable spinning, knitting, and weaving traditions.

Each year, one Shetlander is honored with the title Patron, recognizing their contributions to preserving and promoting the fiber arts of the region. As a dyer, spinner, knitter, and expert in the ancient weaving tradition of the warp-weighted loom, Elizabeth Johnston has received that honor for 2018. She’ll also be designing the official hat of Shetland Wool Week, which we can’t wait to start knitting ourselves!

Come hear all about Elizabeth’s story on Friday night as she shares her love of fiber arts with us at Interweave Yarn fest as this year’s keynote speaker. Learn more about all our special events and how to register.

2. Learn alongside NEW instructors!

Our lineup of NEW expert instructors includes JC Briar, Beth Brown-Reinsel and Margit Tritt, among our other fresh faces. You can get to know all of these talented artists and their workshops on

3. The Fashion Show makes a stylish comeback!

Next year’s Fashion Show will feature coffee and scrumptious desserts. This is your chance to sit back, relax and see the stunning pieces your peers have created. And if you’re ready to rock the catwalk, it’s a great opportunity to show off your proudest creations. Check out photos and our live coverage video from 2017, and stay tuned as we announce new details about this highly-requested event!

4. Stock up on NEW products for your stash!

Interweave Yarn Fest’s Marketplace attracts renowned exhibitors from all over, and we’re thrilled to announce new names for 2018! Take a look at one of our new exhibitors: Cat Mountain Fiber 

5. NEW opportunities to learn & celebrate your passion!

Inspiration is found around every corner at Interweave Yarn Fest, and it’s impossible not to have a great time when you’re sitting in on a new demo, or hanging out with fellow attendees at one of our specially-curated activities. We’re putting the finishing touches on our Demos and Activities lineup for 2018. Check out our website for all of the details.

We’re preparing to bring you the best-of-the-best in fiber art education, shopping and activities that will have you feeling empowered to take your passion to the next level. Mark your calendar, and keep checking back for exciting updates!

10 thoughts on “5 Things to Look Forward to at This Year’s Event

  1. Please schedule more spinning classes. I did not come last year because there were whole days where there were no spinning classes at all and I didn’t want to pay for the extra hotel night. If necessary, concentrate them all in one or two days rather than spreading them out with downtime in between. You’ve got always to go before Yarn Fest replaces SOAR.

    1. Jere, I was curious if you’ve had a chance to look at the offerings this year? Looks like we have a dozen workshops in spinning and I was wondering if that was more what you were hoping to see? On the workshop page if you select spinning under the ‘track’ options that shows them all. Best, Tiffany

    2. I’m totally with you on having spinning classes–so we always have at least 2, usually 3 in every time slot (plus beginning classes on top of that). That’s been a priority of mine from the beginning… And the more people come and take spinning classes, the more spinning classes we can offer in the future.

  2. Is the yarn fest always in CO? I can’t go this year, and would love to plan ahead for next year. I didn’t know if it moved to different cities or just stays there. Knowing this would help the planning process!

    1. Denise, thanks for reaching out! The plan is for next year to be in Colorado as well. We’d love to have you if you wanted to come visit!

      All the best,

  3. Hello.
    I just received an email regarding Yarn Fest. I am unable to attend but am wondering if you can provide me the name and manufacturer of the multi colored yarn in the first photo of the email. Not the red yarn but the one to the left.

    1. Hi Karen,
      We’ve sent quite a few versions of emails in the last few days, can you tell me which email it was in? I’d be happy to find out once we narrow down which email it was in.


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