Create spring-friendly pieces at Interweave Yarn Fest!

Spring Fashion


The first week of spring is always exciting and refreshing. The promise of consistently warm weather, vibrant fashion and blooming flowers makes our hearts sing, but these aren’t the only reasons we are smiling ear-to-ear today. Interweave Yarn Fest is only 1 week away, and our enthusiasm has reached new heights! When you’ve been waiting a year to experience something, it’s a magical feeling when that day finally arrives. Continue reading “Spring Fashion” >

Grab your workshop seat before it’s too late!

Last Call Workshops

Happy Thursday, everyone! We are exactly 2 weeks away from the kickoff of Interweave Yarn Fest, and our excitement levels have reached an all-time high. We’re still experiencing quite a bit of sweater weather in our neck of the woods, and the thought of being surrounded by the softest, highest quality fibers sounds like a cozy dream come true. Continue reading “Last Call Workshops” >

Infuse your next project with Irish charm.

St. Patrick’s Day Inspiration

St. Patrick’s Day is less than 2 weeks away, and we’ve got the need for all things green! Green is traditionally worn on St. Patrick’s Day to give its wearer the luck of the Irish. Even if you don’t have Irish roots, our selection of green-themed patterns and workshops will leave you feeling jollier than a leprechaun who just found a pot of gold! Continue reading “St. Patrick’s Day Inspiration” >