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Q&A With Scholarship Winner, Lise

Today on the Interweave Yarn Fest Blog, we are continuing to honor the talented, passionate fiber artists who went above and beyond in our 2017 community-funded scholarship program. Each of our winners has a unique story, background and artistic perspective, and we feel that it is incredibly important to celebrate their originality.

Today, we are talking to Lise, and we’re immersing ourselves in the experience she had this year at Interweave Yarn Fest. Lise discovered a lot about her ever-growing fondness for her craft, and she has some encouraging words for those of you thinking about attending Interweave Yarn Fest 2018!

Lise’s Scholarship Program Q&A

Sometimes dreams do come true! And one of my dreams did come true in October 2016, when I was awarded the scholarship to Yarn fest!
Things fell into place as I told a couple of girl friends and casually asked “anyone coming with me?” And one girl says “l’ll drive!” So on Tuesday, March 28 we set off to drive down to Loveland, a two day trip of solid driving.
Walking into the hotel I was so excited. It was real! We got settled in, I registered and got ready for 4days of knitting, learning, meeting people and shopping.

1. Out of all of the workshops you participated in at Interweave Yarn Fest, which one was your favorite and what made it stand out? 

“I took as many workshops as I possibly could and I loved all of them. There were 3 that stood out for me. I took Roositud knitting and Bohus knitting with Courtney Kelley. I also took Color with Nancy Shroyer. Both Courtney and Nancy are excellent instructors. Both are very present to the people they are teaching – offering suggestions and making sure that everyone understands. What stood out for me in these worships is I felt like I was playing with yarn and techniques. Playing is not something we do often because we are so busy making something for someone. But playing is a big part of creativity. This is something I will incorporate – play dates for my crafting creativity. I even got to hold Courtney’s baby and so had my grandmother fix.”

2. Did you take some time to explore the Marketplace? If so, did you discover a favorite exhibitor? Tell us about all of your exciting Marketplace finds! 

“Exploring the market was like letting a kid loose in a candy story- color everywhere! Beautiful and inviting and inspiring! How do I chose when I want everything! After having gone around a couple of times to take in everything that was available, I found myself returning to Susan’s fiber shop and purchasing my yarn there. I met Kim Ogle and fell in love with her dyed yarn. I am looking forward to knitting up my new found treasures. Then I picked up some roving from The Natural Twist – a little something with silk to challenge my spinning abilities.”

3. Did you participate in any activities at Interweave Yarn Fest? If so, tell us about your experience! 

“I participated in the Saturday banquet and sat with people I had met in some of my workshops. It was so much fun to see all those who participated in the fashion show parade around in their creations. Truly inspirational!!! Such talent in one room! There was a young woman sitting at my table who got up and modeled 2 of her own designs. I remember thinking, I wish I was younger and how far can this girl go!”

4. Out of everything you learned and experienced at Interweave Yarn Fest, what was the most memorable? It’s okay if you have more than one answer! 

“I don’t know that I can actually pinpoint what was the most memorable! Learning, meeting like-minded people, breakfast and manager’s reception with people I had met in worships, exchanging information in the hope of meeting again next year at the Interweave Yarn Fest, people’s openness to help if you had trouble understanding something! All of it, the stuff of beautiful memories!”

5. Why would you recommend Interweave Yarn Fest to other fiber artists? What do you think others can gain from attending this event? 

“Would I recommend assisting the Interweave Yarn Fest – a resounding yes in a heart beat!!! For me this was a once in a lifetime experience. This experience has enriched my life creatively, expanded my horizons and I have made new friends.”

Lise, on her progress and next steps as a fiber artist.

“The next step. I plan on continuing to expand my knowledge. I will practice what I have learnt and incorporating in the teaching I will be doing and in the charity work I am involved in. This helps me to give back to my community and adds beauty to our lives. I cannot be more grateful for this amazing opportunity!”

Thank you for sharing your experience, Lise! We will continue to follow your journey, and it was a true pleasure to have you at Interweave Yarn Fest 2017.

Thank you all for reading about Lise’s experience! Be on the lookout for more scholarship winner spotlights in the near future.

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  1. Way to go, Lise (Mom)!!! I’m so very proud of you and continue to be inspired by your genuine desire to grow your craft. Je t’aime gros comme le ciel.

    PS I need more wool socks 🙂

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