Meet Interweave Yarn Fest’s Instructors

Instructor Spotlight

Fiber artists, next month is THE month. Interweave Yarn Fest kicks off on March 30, and you better believe we are counting down the days—maybe even the seconds—until it finally arrives.
If you’ve never been part of a large-scale fiber arts experience, you might be curious as to why it’s so special. The answer is simple. The feeling of being surrounded by hundreds of people from across the nation who all share the same passion is a magical one. Everyone at Interweave Yarn Fest, young and old, are inspired to be there because they love the fiber arts and they want to celebrate their craft. Continue reading “Instructor Spotlight” >

Fiber Art Spotlight


Lately, we’ve noticed a fleet of intricately knotted macrame wall hangings, plant holders and other darling macrame-based pieces popping up all over our Instagram and Pinterest feeds. Macrame—a knotting and hitching technique dating back to the 13th century—gained some serious popularity in the ‘70s, and now it’s back with a contemporary twist. Continue reading “Macrame” >