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Fiber Art Meetups & Classes

Image taken at Interweave Yarn Fest 2016.

One thing we adore about Interweave Yarn Fest is our tight-knit (pun, definitely intended) community of artists who offer support and advice to one another. There is nothing we love more than seeing new friendships form right in front of us at the event, and it’s an even better feeling when we discover the friendships grow after the event ends. Continue reading “Fiber Art Meetups & Classes” >

Here’s why you NEED Interweave Yarn Fest!

Top 10 Reasons

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If you keep up with the latest creative trends, you’ll notice that the fiber art revival is in full swing. If you’ve considered immersing yourself in the wonderful world of fiber art, Interweave Yarn Fest is exactly where you need to be. After all, it’s a one-stop-shop for the best in technique-rich workshops, shopping and knitspiration. Plus, it’s the perfect weekend getaway to share with your soul mate or your sidekick! Continue reading “Top 10 Reasons” >

Interweave Yarn Fest Travel Guide

Loveland and Fort Collins

Interweave Yarn Fest is just a little over 2 months away, which means you will (hopefully) be packing up your bags and heading to Loveland, Colorado to join in the fiber art fun!

Loveland is a scenic city with plenty of outdoor activities, delicious food and art-based attractions. If you’re new to Loveland, and need honest advice on where to eat and explore after your Interweave Yarn Fest experience wraps up, look no further. Continue reading “Loveland and Fort Collins” >