Who’s Teaching at Interweave Yarn Fest?

As I’ve mentioned before, I truly love Interweave Yarn Fest 2019. This March, we have a great group of returning spinning instructors and fresh faces. I asked two spinners who are new to Interweave Yarn Fest to tell us more about their workshops.

Devin Helmen is joining us at Interweave Yarn Fest for the first time, but he will be familiar to Spin Off readers. I’m knitting his Spindle Spun Socks from Spin Off Winter 2018 right now! I asked him what inspired him to create his Troubleshoot Your Spindle Spinning class. Devin said, I wanted to create a class for folks who like the idea of spinning with a spindle but have not yet fallen in love with spindles as well as those who like spindle spinning but want to push their talents further. We’ll talk about different types of spindles and work on tips and tricks to streamline and speed your spinning process. Bring your questions or issues and we’ll address them. Spinning on a spindle is fun; let’s make sure that you enjoy it!

Troubleshoot Your Spindle Spinning with Devin Helmen
Friday, March 29, 2019, 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

Do you wish you loved spinning with a spindle but find it a pain in the neck (or arm)? Does your spindle wobble out of control, or does your yarn break constantly? A handspindle is an age-old tool, but you may need some adjustments to your technique or spindle for your spinning to go smoothly. Bring your troubles to this hands-on class and clinic for handspinners of all levels. This is open to all suspended spindles: top whorl, bottom whorl, cross-arm, etc.

Theresa Drouin-Guerette (or TerriSpins on social media) is an avid lace knitter. She often works with silk and silk blends in her handspun lace pieces. I asked her to tell us a bit about the fibers she will be using in class at Interweave Yarn Fest. Terri had this to say: ìMany spinners are intimidated by the thought of spinning fine silk yarn. Let me help! We are going to start out our day with some longwool that will help us train our hands for spinning fine yarns. Then we will move on to some Merino/Tencel. Last, but certainly not least, we’ll spin some absolutely beautiful Alpaca/Silk. Once you’ve spun these three fibers, the only thing you’ll need to do next is pick out a lace pattern and the fiber to spin for it!

Spinning for Lace with Theresa Drouin-Guerette
Friday 3/29/19, 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Have you ever seen a cobweb-like lace shawl and wished that you could spin yarn that fine? In this Workshop, you will learn techniques that will have you spinning fine yarns before you know it! We will cover some of the different factors that determine the characteristics of your yarn, including wheel set-up, fiber preparation, drafting technique, ply, and other such techniques. Weíll start with some heavier wool that may surprise you with its ability to create a lace weight yarn! Then we will move on to finer fibers. We will also discuss some of the different characteristics of the fibers and resulting yarns.

Join us for another Interweave Yarn Fest!


Interweave Yarn Fest
Loveland, Colorado
March 27-31, 2019


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